Announcing Operation Bombshot

How we stock up our inventory

Cheers everyone!

It’s not even been a week since we opened our doors, and the dancefloor is filling up. The air is saturated with heavy bass, and the chatter carrying over from our Discord and Telegram tables is brimming with excitement.

It’s a wondrous place, as the most exotic things are happening in our four walls. We do not discriminate on species (that is, as long as you DYOR), and so we are seeing all kinds of (de)genera. Birds are tweeting about milestone after milestone. Alpacas are trying to leverage their bar tab, and geckos are chasing tail. Apes are dancing on the counter, whilst whales are trying to find themselves a table. Some have even reported sightings of a bull…

As the bar staff is watching all this, we are happy to host every single one of you and will continue to serve the best drinks on BSC. At the same time, we are preparing the next steps and will grind through our night shifts to further raise the volumes. This includes stocking up our inventory to make you swim in bigger liquor pools.

That’s why, today, we are announcing Operation Bombshot.

What is Operation Bombshot?💣

A bombshot is a mixed drink that is made by mixing two drinks. A drink in a small glass (typically a shot glass) is dropped into a larger glass holding a different drink.

We want to increase $BEV liquidity by allowing holders of any of the underlying tokens of $BEV to stake these (single-asset) tokens or their respective Pancakeswap Underlying-BNB LP token for $LONG.

This means that you can stake your BNB, CAKE, BAKE, XVS, BTCST, TWT, EPS, SFP, and ALPACA as well as the CAKE-BNB, BAKE-BNB (…) LP tokens in the corresponding bombshot pools on

After thus filling up the liquor pools in phase 1, we will migrate the staked tokens in phase 2 and convert them to $BEV and Pancakeswap BEV-BNB LP tokens. The converted assets will then be returned to stakers proportional to their value staked in phase 1.

Members who participate in Operation Bombshot will be rewarded retroactively, details to come. Follow our Twitter for more updates.

Phase 1: Fill up 🥛

During the fill up phase, we will open 19 additional pools (10 single-asset pools for each $BEV underlying, and 9 LP token pools for all $BEV underlyings except BNB) for you to go $LONG.

Operation Bombshot will last one week, and all stakers will earn $LONG — Longdrink Finance’s governance token, relative to their staking.

The amount of $LONG distributed to each underlying pool will be proportional to that underlying’s percentage allocation within $BEV. For example, at a current allocation of 16.5% of $BEV, the BAKE pools would receive 16.5% percent of all $LONG distributed during O.B. (for an overview of current allocations, see here).

Phase 2: Get mixing 🌀

During the migration, we mint $BEV with the staked underlyings and create additional BEV-BNB liquidity with the staked LP tokens. The minted $BEV and LP tokens will then be returned to the stakers proportional to their provision in phase 1. As always, your $BEVs will be served cold & fresh.

We will share more details on the process as Operation Bombshot commences within the next two weeks.

And that’s our bombshot. You’ve probably seen the kind of preparation that goes into your typical jaegerbomb — fill up the liquor, give it a little nudge, and enjoy the result. Well, Operation Bombshot will work just like this:

Operation Bombshot in full action

It’ll be intoxicating.

So $LONG, everyone!

Feel free to contact us through our socials (links below).

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Contributors to Longdrink Finance have made reasonable efforts at ensuring the integrity of the protocol including tests. $LONG is completely valueless and has 0 financial value. Please feel free to reach out to us if this interests you.

Longdrink Finance creates index tokens on Binance Smart Chain