Taking a glimpse at the future of Longdrink Finance

Cheers drinkers!

As we are kicking off Q3, the bar staff is looking back at a successful first month since swinging our doors open to the public.

Some of the highlights we can already look back on:

  • Introducing our first index token $BEV, which is currently sitting at over $250k of underlyings

In addition, we have rolled out some frontend improvements, made it easier for new drinkers to get on board with our documentation, and held our first governance vote.

Having laid the groundwork, Longdrink Finance is ready for further strategic growth in the next quarter and beyond. Q3 will raise the bar, as we grow from a speakeasy to the hottest tavern in town, redefining what it means to be a decentralized asset manager as we go.

We’ve got a lot planned, and have packed our roadmap with both long-awaited features, as well as some exciting new ideas. Let’s dive right in, looking at what will come to the bar in the next three months. The order laid out in this article will thereby closely resemble the order in which they will be implemented.

Single-asset $LONG staking

As teased in our article on $LONG tokenomics, all $LONG holders are automatically members of Longdrink Finance.

One avenue of reward distribution will be introduced through a brand new token, xLONG, which can be minted by staking $LONG in a single-asset pool.

The brand new xLONG token, coming to a bar near you

Auto-compounding pools

Stake, claim, repeat… no more! To increase convenience for all of you drinkers, we will introduce an auto-compounding pool for BNB-LONG, which will periodically claim rewards for you, convert the claimed $LONG to BNB-LONG LP tokens and stake these again. This way, you can grab a $BEV, sit back and relax while your stack of BNB-LONG is continuously growing.

New indices

Whilst $BEV is served as an entry drink for those who want broad exposure to the blue-chip projects on BSC, we are certainly not stopping there. More products, more drinks, more diversification. So, in addition to $BEV, we will launch new indices. And as you are currently experiencing through our successful $BEV Bombshot — with over $2.4M TVL at time of writing — all product launches will be accompanied by an Operation Bombshot of their own. More details on the composition and weightings of the coming indices will follow soon.

Mind you, these indices will be the first of many, with loads of ideas for future products in the works, including an index for Ethereum-native projects like UNI, COMP and ETH itself.


Our goal is to become the leading asset manager in DeFi. On our way there, Longdrink Finance will hold an ever-growing amount of underlyings through its tokens (like $BEV). Meta-governance will allow $LONG holders to govern the underlying assets of the index token.

For instance, imagine Pancakeswap holds a governance vote, and $BEV is holding 5000 $CAKE, which translates to 5000 eligible votes. In that case, the $LONG holders can decide whether the 5000 votes should go towards accepting or rejecting the governance proposal. Thereby, $LONG is becoming the ultimate governance token within DeFi, allowing you to have a say in a large number of projects.

Going cross-chain

Longdrink Finance is born and raised on BSC, which we continue to view as our natural habitat. In order to widen its user base and to increase accessibility and product range for Longdrink’s users, our protocol will expand to other networks in the future, starting with Polygon. As we are seeing more exciting layer 2 solutions pop up, Longdrink will naturally enter new realms.

And there’s more…

When thinking about how to create the best environment for our customers, and build a flourishing establishment in the process, the sky really is the limit. Future features of Longdrink beyond Q3 might include the following:

Bar games

What would a bar be without its fair share of fun and games? As we’re embarking on our growth journey, we want to cater for your entertainment along the way.


You’re a heavy $LONGdrinker, but your friends don’t know. Phew, there has to be a way to change that. Maybe showing off your DeFi creds with some fresh-ass Longdrink stash will do the trick. I guess we’ll have to see about that one.

Loyalty program

We are planning a loyalty program for $LONG holders depending on the amount of $LONG/xLONG they hold. Table service (aka reward boosts), happy hours (aka fee discounts), and how about some of that aforementioned merch? We got you.

Now show us what you got

First of all, developing all the awesome things on our roadmap requires one thing in particular: capacity.

So if you interested in joining the Longdrink Finance team, and are passionate, dedicated, and a fan of all things refreshing, wavy and intoxicating, we’d love to hear from you! If you think your talents could be of help as a member of the team, don’t hesitate reaching out to one of our core members. In other words: The bar is hiring!

Secondly, by outlining our roadmap, we want to further drive a discussion regarding the future of Longdrink Finance, and let all members participate in this. So please, for all ideas, discussion points and further fledging out of upcoming features, consult the #roadmap channel on our Discord. We can’t wait to see you there!

So $LONG, everyone!

Feel free to contact us through our socials (links below).

Links 🔗

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LongdrinkDefi

Discord: https://discord.gg/an55rkyDG3

Telegram: https://t.me/LongdrinkFinance

Github: https://github.com/longdrinkdefi

Docs: https://docs.longdrink.finance

Website: https://longdrink.finance

Email: longdrinkfinance@protonmail.com

Longdrink Finance creates index tokens on Binance Smart Chain